Hi, I am Colleen Lynn, a user interface designer and victims' advocate

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Colleen Lynn is a veteran user interface designer who is known for her exceptional multidisciplinary skill set and creating websites that deliver social impact. In 1995, she began her Seattle-based web design company VainNotion, and over the next decade worked with a diverse range of clients including Internet startups, retail companies and smart device manufacturers. During this time she played a key visual role in numerous identity designs and nearly 100 website designs. Colleen Lynn also spent two quarters teaching courses at the Art Institute of Seattle. Achievements in social activism include being selected as the visual designer for the 2008 Washington State grassroots primary Obama campaign. In the same year, Colleen Lynn created DogsBite.org, a national dog bite victims’ website, after undergoing a serious dog attack. The site has since grown into a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. In 2011, DogsBite.org submitted an amicus brief on behalf of the young mauling victim in Tracey v. Solesky, which helped move the highest court in Maryland to declare pit bulls “inherently dangerous.” Statistical data from her group has been cited in a peer-reviewed medical journal and is often cited by media sources. Ms. Lynn also created Righthaven Victims, a free speech advocacy website that tracked victims of the copyright troll formerly known as Righthaven. Colleen Lynn continues her role as the founder of DogsBite.org, as well as her role as a user interface designer at Lynn Media Group, an Austin-based web design company she began in 2010.

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